Birthday with a zero

Not one of life's ambushes.

It's been coming for years

- decades actually,

inexorable, slow train,

fronted by oval smoke box door.


The growing light saying...... it's over,

saying “zero”.

This birthday has a zero.

Used to say nought

- nought for your comfort -

but now “zero”

which I will not rhyme with hero because

I am not one.

Nor a zero.

Not that either.

Rabbit in the headlight?


Can't fight the train

But can run, can dodge.

Life in the old bugger yet.



My birthday with a zero isn't until much later in the year but seeing '2012' made it feel that bit closer.

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Gray Nicholls

Tue 17th Jan 2012 22:59

Same for me, Dave but this is top stuff..

steve mellor

Wed 11th Jan 2012 12:40

keep running and dodging Dave
wait until there's a 5 at the end, in the year that you write.
what rhymes with 5? 'alive' thank god

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Greg Freeman

Wed 11th Jan 2012 07:53

It's the new 40, Dave! I've got a birthday with a zero coming up this year, too. Slow train coming. But you still appear to be fleet of foot. A poem that struck a real chord with me.

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