In Hell


                                What the Hell Do I have to do to Wake You



There is a psychic war raging all around,

And the abuse is really quite disgusting

As I’m being tortured, haunted by those

Who have the skill,

And I’m only a stones throw

Away from committing acts of kill

And I will,

I will.


I did my time,

What is it that you want

When already plagued by memories of

Children going hungry

And nightmares of the friendly fire,

What is it that you want?


You’re wondering why I’m going

Quietly insane,

Because they’re inferring

In depths of mind that they’re

Doing it to my children,

And the skill is very real Mr Policeman,

But still there is no help for a veteran,

No understanding as they pass

It off as fiction of the mind.


I am absolutely abhorred by

All I have endured when all

I wanted was to be a quiet

Citizen working for a living and tending

Love upon my family,

And still you do nothing

And pass upon as malady

That it’s nothing more than

Ill health of the brain.




Michael J Waite 7th January 2012. 

Help Goddammit

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