North by North West


North By North West?



I may, I may just be madder than you

But they say it helps to get along,

I might – no I have committed crime

From acts of stress but once,

Just once no career criminal here

And believe me, others had in a hand.

I have been the target of sorts from

An entity I cannot understand,

And acts of retaliation are only born

Of reaction to unjust causes and,

I may have said too much but that’s

The truth in essence; A man

Subjugated and subjected to varying

Degrees of torture and to anyone

Who has lived this,

It’s not rocket science,

It’s not Rubics Cube or gone

In sixty seconds.

So I have said my truth,

The truth of poverty and neglect,

I am human and have every right

To protest when I know sincerely

Within my heart there are better ways

To be,

Better ways to be free

From many of life’s restrictions

And just because my sense

Distinguishes between

Honesty and fake,

Doesn’t make me a threat,

(if anything the touch is a menace)

As is the ghost that plagues

Or the clown that jumps into

The future to taunt me

With all I catch up upon in time,

     So you want to put me away,

Or give me injections that just

Are not warranted,

Out of harms way

You’ll say and place me

Unwillingly in bedlam.




What is it you fear inside?

Is my honesty too close for call,

Are you appalled and not want

The hearing of any of it at all,

Is the day too dead for anyone alive

To stress concerns at what we have


Come see,

Come see the son and I as

We share our life,

Come see  my wife

And no the pressure we have

Both endured to build a home,

Come see all before you take it away,

Come feel what’s in my heart and

Know that no-one is as human,

Is as caring as the life you try adjust

With muzzles and jackets.

     I am a man,

A man who has had all besmirched

Before I’ve arrived, and,

I have walked the Earth

And beg flight

Every so often to rid myself

Of it’s dirt,

I am a man who has witnessed

Poverty and I’m saying how it is

And know I’m not liked for it’s truth,

As looser, are powers grip on morality,

I am a man and you wonder why

I go mad when in essence I am already

Suffering purgatory;

For this is no place for the free

At heart, the expansive mind

Or for those with future concerns,

You wonder why I shout so much;

It isn’t living that we’re engaging

Intellect upon, it’s conditioning!


You say you want to put me away,

Or send me down innocently or

Analyse till blue in the face

But you still won’t get it,

I have a wife and adoring son,

And what you have done I will never


But I have just one life

And I’m trying to make the most of it,

To live as best I can within your rules

And remit,

And I’m here to take the risks

Just like everyone else,

Because the risks are worth taking

For just one smile of love,

A smile of love from my son

And hope of greater tomorrows,

The risks I take, just like everyone else

Because the risks are there to take,

And  better for the risk,

Than not to exist,

Not to live,

Sat in bedlam

Scratching walls of

Protection when in truth,

You’re more at risk

Inside than outside

And besides,

I’m flying North by

North West,

Ask any Danish Prince.


Michael J Waite 12th December 2011.  

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Sun 15th Jan 2012 17:10

im liking listening to this
brilliant !

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