I never have taken her dancing,

Though the music is sensual sweet,

I never have taken her dancing,

Though we move to a mystical beat.


It’s like holding hands in the moonlight,

On a beach where the sand shimmers gold,

When you know there is nothing tomorrow,

And you’re sure you will never grow old.


There’s a softer caress than the kissing,

There’s a passion that holds you within,

There is life to surround and enfold you,

There is subtlety yearning to win.


When the melody masks all the meaning,

And we mingle like stars in the night,

We will touch like the song of creation,

And be born to a world of delight.


Like Pan in the fields of the ageless,

Where his children were many and few,

I am loved with great glory abandon,

And am father to all that is true.


For the satyrs and nymphs once emboldened,

Are like waves that crash bright on the shore,

And the song that I hear they are singing,

Is bidding me dance evermore.


There will be no more time for the dancing,

When the fire in our hearts turns to chill,

There will be no more time for the dancing,

When the music of time fails to thrill.


When the wind blows the sand on seashore,

Into dunes that young lovers can’t climb,

And the shadows encompass the moonlight,

And the tawdry supplants the sublime.


So I claw at the stars in the heaven,

As they dance in eternities round,

And the music that echoes around me,

Is the revel of hominid sound.


For the softer caress still supports me,

As we move to the mystical beat,

And I know in some way we are dancing,

With the whole of the world at our feet.


I never have taken her dancing,

Though we turn and we whirl and we spin,

And the music goes on never ending,

While we wait for the ball to begin.




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Lynn Dye

Thu 12th Jan 2012 20:20

This is superb,Ian. Many congratulations for this, and also to your wife for her MBE.

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Roy Chetham

Sat 7th Jan 2012 22:03

Superb. My compliments on this wonderfully evocative piece. One I shall read over and over again though its meanings to me may be a little different distant from the homage that inspired it.

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Dave Bradley

Fri 6th Jan 2012 09:10

Hadn't intended to log in, but had to, to say how wonderful this is. Lyrical, inspirational, and well-written. Congratulations to Jacqueline on the MBE!

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Fri 6th Jan 2012 08:29

She sounds like quite a lady and I bet you make an awesome couple, on or off the dance floor.

A very poignant read. This is lovely. x

stella jones

Thu 5th Jan 2012 22:00

How wonderful for you both and what a great write for your wife Ian.. :)

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Ian gant

Thu 5th Jan 2012 20:57

This is a homage to my wife Jacqueline who despite being damaged at birth, who despite having hands arms and legs that do not do her bidding has given over her life to public service and who for that was awarded the MBE in the 2012 Honours List.
Not bad for one of those the majority of our society would write off as sub-standard.

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