Love On Pearl Harbour Night

Poem for WOL comp


The met on Pearl Harbour night.

Dressed in red from lipstick to heel

She swayed cool grooves

On the floor of the dancehall.

He was on leave, his bowler hat

Tipping in jives.


They kissed, danced, everything else,

Spent the week in luxurious unity,

Mutual bliss, love.


Until his time was up, the war

Ripped them in half, a promise

Set in stone to return

And live forever.


As the war went on

Nothing was forgotten

Advancing towards Berlin

With a photograph, a promise

And a tear in the scope.


Then there was silence in Europe.

He returned a broken man, searching

For the last piece but she was nowhere.

And he waited at the dancehall

Dissolving into wrinkles.


5, 10, 37


Moved across the street.

Window with a view of everything he needed.


Remembrance day came, now an old man

Patient as a flower in decline

He read his soul

Out to the crowd, wiped his eye

And stepped off the stage.


A hand touched his shoulder from behind.

His bent back twitched and turned around.

It was her.

His beautiful past, his missing piece,

His future.

WOL comp

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 11th Jan 2012 13:22

Kealan, I think you are full of Romance, just not the Women's Weekly kind ... more the Burn for Experience of all kinds. Romance is a much maligned word.

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 6th Jan 2012 09:55

Really liked this poem. To me, seeing her again would be at the moment of his death though. Still perhaps a fairytale ending?

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Lynn Dye

Thu 5th Jan 2012 11:25

Very enjoyable, Kealan.

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Thu 5th Jan 2012 02:32

This IS totally charming! So incredibly beautiful and touching, Kealan!
I think it is awesome that you wrote something a bit different (for you), AND that you entered the Comp!

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Wed 4th Jan 2012 17:17

This is a bit of an unusual one for you Kealan. I wonder if it is based on a true story - I've heard one about somebody in a Jewish war camp who was kept alive by a young girl outside, who he later met and married in America.

This has a bit of a fairy tale feel about it. It's hard to believe in. Perhaps that is what you were trying for - perhaps that's what we are all striving for :)

<Deleted User> (6315)

Wed 4th Jan 2012 17:13

This is totally charming.. :o)

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