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Be aware of SPAM on WOL

Hello all

I have just recieved SPAM mail via my WOL inbox

This has happened before to me and at least one other person.

As before, I have messaged Julian, and copied and pasted the message for Julian.

Always best to report SPAM straight away to the relevent parties.

No worries, just be aware.

Happy new year all


P.S. I'll leave this blog up for a few weeks then delete it. The spam came from a new member, that probably has slipped through the net. Spammers are cunning fellows, as well as a lot of other things that they ARE :( . If a new WOL member sudenly messages you to email them, so they can send pics etc. be suspicious. Having recieved (as many have) spam emails and the like, some are more obvious than others.

One of the sadest ones, is when they tell you a sad story, then tell you how they have £80,000 (or what ever amount) but they need to put it into a bank account etc etc Mmm yer, like I'm that lucky. If I was, I'd bloody have the lotery numbers, wouldn't I? :)

take care.


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