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through morning-blurred vision

I wake

to see my sister

dancing like a demented bird

round the bedroom


“He's been!”

“He's been!”

butterflies overwhelm my stomach

“I thought I heard bells!”

I say

sitting up

rubbing away persistent sleep


“I did too!”

she said

eyes widening in mock agreement

I follow her in the half-light

carefully negotiating pairs of shoes

that frame the staircase


shivering with enthusiasm

the ripping-open process begins

and I notice

the brass  maid ornament / cum dinner bell

has disappeared from pride of place on the cornish

where she sat

next to grey plastic tupperware egg cups

filled with Glenis's inky eyeliner water.

christmas brass bells ornaments childhood

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Thu 29th Dec 2011 19:39

Lovely bit of nostalgia John. It's funny when you look back on events through an adult's eyes.

We used to have a long clothes horse thing that hung from the ceiling. I can remember seeing a toy quilt cover for a second hand pram airing up there for weeks before Father Christmas delivered it...

I wish I could recapture the smells I remember - perhaps it has something to do with central heating but Christmas just doesn't smell the same anymore. I think we all have too much also. We used to get a tin of condensed milk instead of chocolates and would make it last for ever. Happy days eh?

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Thu 29th Dec 2011 13:50

bit late to post this I know,but still technically the Christmas season,so hey-ho!

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