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north star

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We rip the lights out of the window

without ceremony

cast into a cardboard box marked xmas

The marker pen cannot spell straight

cannot write with the same careful script 

that foretold the coming of the season.

We throw old vegetables 

in the pot

in this stew we ferment 

the awkward mouthfuls

with trapped wind.

So, I wonder what happened to the North star?

that used to light the future. 

A man wrapped in careful knitted Arrans

across his chest

just to be nice

What happened to the North Pole and the direction 


in balance slight askew.

Remember when we swam fat with seals through the ice?

and now I dont know what time it is

and wait until the buses run 

to take me back the place I just came from

We mark ourselves back on the calender

boxed off in black lines

that cross the days

one at a time.





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Jeff Dawson

Sat 31st Dec 2011 08:11

Really enjoyed this Rach, rememeber the magic of finding the North Star in my telescope when I was a lad, then learning more about others!

Like the reflection about this time of the year (great first few lines about that) and the thoughts about your travels, Bolton prob not where you expected but hope it's okay, glad you're here - I've always loved travel but always end up back here!

Anyway Rach, great poem keep up the good work in 2012 Jeff X

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Rachel Bond

Sat 31st Dec 2011 00:16

ste i had those sticky stars. i got fed up of sticking and unsticking them everytime i moved.once i had a skylight in the bathroom and used to have hippy baths full of chamomile tea bags and watch the sky at night. 2 moon diameters accross from the moon was where venus was at that time. i couldnt really see it but did not have super powered telescope today i cannot be arsed with hippy tea bags or sticky stars.
maybe i should get some more and try again. they are uv and pretty cool really.there is no escape from small town life. big cities are just a collection of smaller towns with a centre in the middle.

mike thanks for comments. yes everything is shit but doesnt have to be. i would suggest sticky stars ;)

new year zeal all round methinks xx

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Fri 30th Dec 2011 21:44

Hi, you're right in many ways. Christmas has been lost to a great degree, it's meaning that is. And yes, I understand the last few lines about the mediocrity of present day living. As I say, we have been conditioned to accept this and yet we are all aware that in many ways it's wrong. Life should be a celebration, but, when we look back we see history tarnished with outrage upon outrage. And now we seem to rot within conceit. Conditioned is what we have become, and it's sour, utterly sour when we had the potential to do so much more if we just didn't bicker amongst ourselves.

Great poem, all the best for 2012. I hope you find the much needed zeal we all need for next year, and your poems reflect it.

Best wishes



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Rachel Bond

Thu 29th Dec 2011 18:22

ah well, my mum likes this one :)

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