The circle won't be squared

The edge is not single

Punches are pulled

Layers multiply

Angles are multi-faceted

Facets are many-angled.

Wheels contain wheels

One boobytrapped thing leads to another.

Turns are twisted.

Twists are turned.

Plots thicken

Games are played.

There are ambushes as

memories materialise and pain persists.

Curve balls must be tracked

as they bombard the slow on the uptake.

There is fading, failing, forgetting and unfocussing.

Chain reactions

Hidden agendas

Surprising trends

Minefields for the ignorant (all of us)

in vast acres of the unknowable.

Spatiotemporal conundera

Quantum gobbledygandera

It is beyond reasonable doubt

that there is a balance of probabilities

But witnesses are notoriously unreliable

And truth is stranger

Than the Gordian Knot

Which will not


The powerful are complicit

The truth is implicit.

The circle is sometimes virtuous.


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Harry O'Neill

Tue 3rd Jan 2012 00:20

After calling in at Alexandria, I`ve been reading about Athanasius (the contra mundi one)

This poem is an example of how my brain feels just now.

the saviour is,
`It is beyond reasonable doubt
That there is a balance of probabilities`.

steve mellor

Wed 28th Dec 2011 16:34

Compliments of the season Dave
This made me think, and I at least now know what a virtuous circle is (ok I googled it). After several readings there are parts I don't get (but that's me, as you already aware).
Very clever

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 28th Dec 2011 16:18

A fascinating "take" on what is taken for
granted and what can't be!
Imaginative and provocative - worth reading a
number of times...even to dwelling on just why -
"The circle is sometimes virtuous"!
(I'm having fun assuming to be "square" isn't?)

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