Tough Love


He might be dirty and he might smell bad

He begs for your money and it makes you mad

But who is the better of the two?

I’m sorry, it ain’t you

There goes the grace of God

And you are found wanting

You’re selfish, greedy and manipulating

Even though you’re rich and full to bursting

You still despise a man with nothing

Would you sooner see him starve?

Give him your change. Where’s the harm?


Oh he might be lying,

A cheater and a crook

Who tells his tale for sympathy

Whose dirty clothes add to the look

But that is not the point I’m making

Not why this story’s told

It’s easy to pass the blame

Walk the other side of the road

To stop and help a fellow traveller

Is a thing both brave and bold

So take a chance on humanity

While you still have some of your own!

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Chris Co

Wed 28th Dec 2011 17:43

Excellent Neil,

I can only echo Dave's sentiments.

My Best


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Dave Bradley

Wed 21st Dec 2011 21:03

I like this a lot Neil. It faces the reader with a question many of us try to wriggle round and does it in a fluent and passionate way. The world would be a lot better place with more generosity, and, as the poem says, the more generous-spirited you are, the more human.

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