Shopper's Revenge

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 (I'd love to do this)


As he handled vegetables

And fruit from foreign lands,

Contaminating mangoes with

Secretions from his glans

I’d bellow down a megaphone

As loud as I could stand,

“This dirty bastard’s has a piss

And hasn’t washed his hands”.

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Nick Coleman

Mon 19th Dec 2011 17:16

Perhaps this could be broadcast in public loos, or even lifts, instead of the usual musique

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Mon 19th Dec 2011 15:38

I did wonder where you were going with those gland secretions....

Very amusing John - I wonder how often that must happen. I once went to a very expensive dinner dance where a woman on the same table felt every bread roll before eventually settling on one. It was really unsettling and I felt like remonstrating - but I didn't - us English put up with an awful lot...

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