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by J. Otis Powell!

Engaged to Revolution

Committed to change and working

Toward visions of a new world

The relationship arranged

Calculated in time  

By his proximity

To struggle and malnutrition isms

From the diet of a junk food society

Fiancé to music and the ways

It made him move around the periphery

When it talked


Know knowledge of beauty

Only eye to Eye confrontation with


Secrecy and bad luck

A tragedy of neglect

Revelations of pain


Jimi Hendrix said

"If I am free

It’s because I’m always running"

Forever running away


He was fiancé to truth

Engaged to romances and poetry

Ill at ease with function

Addicted to light



And the fire from his guitar

Jimi played a new national anthem

Bending steal strings around frustration

Jumping kamikaze-style into realities

Larger than oppression

Doing too much of everything

Trying to get enough

To be satisfied

In-between blues and rock-n-roll

He stained the sky with his kiss


Fiancé to death like all of us

Committed to run 

Fiancé to freedom   


Promising to wed at last with change

Excuse me sky









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