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Octopus Ink

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photo credit Rush Merchant III

Octopus Ink

It’s too delicate to express 

Without risking failure

Danger of going too far 

Pulses in my chest like fright 

Pathos of saying nothing

Doing nothing

Procrastinating indicates how little 

I know 

I push forward anyway

Damming a river

Like a core of engineers

This river has flooded before

And flooding

(I believe) is better than drought

I should know better

Than to think anybody can predict

Rain – warming – thawing – seasons


As climate evolves

Weather gets worst

From us living off dead things

Fossil fuel




Consuming bovine duff

And suspending disbelief

Beyond where anything can live

The most meaningless

Clichés come seasonally

So I pretend to know

What I'm talking about




I'm possessed

And try to use it as a tool

To pound whatever looks like a nail  

Use it to drill screws into metal

Or it uses me that way

Octopuses squirt ink to confuse

And to escape predatory aggressors

Me too with words / actions

Ink is toxic for shooters

And targets

But provides cover to flee 

Leaving fog and frustration behind 

I speak in different English

Doing different dances

There is surface tension

Stretching both sides of epidermis

Extending eight arms in eight directions

Mixing metaphors

climate changeCorps Of Engineersink squirtoctopuses

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