Rising higher and higher the warplane climbs

through the hazy sky, sun reflecting off the distant water

far below through a gap in the clouds.

Missiles hang under delta wings

ready for instant launch when an enemy

is spotted across the distant sky.

An inhuman machine with the looks of a goddess

and the power of a god, this is a thing of mans own creation

yet almost with a life of its own and an electronic soul.

Radar eyes see a hundred miles and infrared sensors scan

the ice cool sky, fuel drinking engines push Mach2 forth

onward and upwards to the battle area, the whole sky.

Night falls and stars glint like diamonds on black velvet,

light years distant. A faint glimpse on the radar,

a skin paint tens of miles distant, missile seekers focus

a needle of energy. Enough!

A white incandescent light and a whoosh of flame

and the missile is on the way, out of sight in seconds,

a faint glow dimming. In an enemy cockpit a similar scene

is being played out in this high tech duel of chess.

Rapid manoeuvres to defeat the devil’s missile

and maybe a chance to meet him if you fail.

As  g-forces crush you and the stars go vertical

do you think of your wife or pray you can win

this dangerous battle where you are meant to be the best?

War in the air, ruthless and utterly cold blooded

five miles above the earth.



deathjet fightermissilepilotsradarskywar in the air

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