I have met a stranger

hanging from the point of nothing - 

where no wretched parochial fashion


no fellated Pop,

the prop of some, is angled in, exquisite –



the dilation of his eyes

met me on a disc of white -

the hands of mine

spinning the entire weight,


hurtling from a place

of  uncontrolled proportions

of nothingness

and patience.


I fear this place

of limitation –

it survives on an originality

slowly disappearing from grace.



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Tue 13th Dec 2011 18:15

I wasn't suggesting for one moment that you chose your words at random Marianne. I was just questioning whether anyone could say for sure what your poem was about. As Winston has gone on to explain, the reader can formulate their own ideas.

I'm grateful for your explanation - though I still can't see how it ties into the words. I'm horribly old school. Meaning is all to me and then how that meaning is expressed. I also prefer to have the original meaning of the writer, rather than my own invention. I accept that we are all different though - it would be a boring old world if we weren't. You have a large and adoring fan club on here and I imagine many of my poems would leave you stone cold. Variety is all and that is how it should be:)

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winston plowes

Tue 13th Dec 2011 17:32

Hi M. Yes, good reply, I think you know that I never for a moment think that you choose words at ramdom.

As you say, this is your style. It is amazing. Stick with it.

Win x

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Marianne Louise Daniels

Tue 13th Dec 2011 14:56

Thank you for commenting.
I will let you take what you want from it, because it is coming from a fragile place that can be applied to what has been said.

I was presenting an idea more of acceptance, the stranger being me or you, outside the influence of others, and the fear of one not really being anything at all outside this in fact. Frightening. Thinking of the crutches we lean on - the power of an idol being as much as an anti depressant as an actual pill. I dunnoes, maybe this will encourage a backlash, maybe not.

I think this could be related to new love.

"Beyond imagination" - Thanks Win, thats quite a statement! I must say though for those that think I choose words at random, I really don't - it is carefully put together but I understand how irritaing it can be as I am a muddled sort! I fear I shall never make it as a writer this way but I don't know how else to do it!!

Blimey, look how confessional I have become? Excuse me while I just go disappear up a shisha pipe's bottom...

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winston plowes

Mon 12th Dec 2011 21:29

Isobel, Much of Mariannes writing defise categorisation and might be considered by many as inaccessible. There is often little structure and leaps in tense and subject even within the same line at times. I heard someone once say they could come up with any such random words and phrases. And indeed they could, but it would never match Mariannes work which for me is somehow 'beyond imagination'. The reader is bombarded by images and constructs and what comes out? For me new love in all its uncertain excitement in its unknown future and its beauty. I canot be wrong of course as this is what it means to me. It may mean something else to you and you canot be wrong in your interpretation either as you own this. Have I waffled on enough? Win x

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Mon 12th Dec 2011 20:58

How do you know this is about new love Winston? I'm still trying to fathom it out. This could be a stranger in the true sense of the word though. The dilated eyes could just be leering...

I don't really understand but maybe I'm not supposed to.

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Laura Taylor

Mon 12th Dec 2011 10:29

Ooo those last two lines are a killer - scorchingly honest

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Andy N

Sun 11th Dec 2011 17:57

very very sad last bit in the piece for me, Marianne but it's a lovely aching piece throughout.. Andy N x

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winston plowes

Sat 10th Dec 2011 23:26

So beautiful Marianne, For me the risk, the potential and yet the fragility of new love all swirl around in this. You shine even more brightly, win x

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sat 10th Dec 2011 16:11

you just never fail to astound Marianne-

more power to your keyboard!

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