A Simple Seasonal Wish

After what has been a disturbing year for me, which is reflected in my poetry, i have composed a simple piece for you. It is not meant to be complicated or depressing, just a simple wish for the coming weeks.



This Seasons Wish


The winter is here,

Hail sleet, snow and ice

Descend in cold fronts,

But out of the depths that

Shadows of doubt have left

In long winter nights,

Is a summer of fortune for Earth,

The winter is here that takes

Twenty eleven away,

And when the snow has cleared

And the tulips rise and the hares

Once more begin to run,

A sun promise of hope

Will become the new spring,

And the hope be the forgiveness

Of all in sorrow,

And again - heads will rise.


We are slowly, and surely,

Leaving behind twenty-eleven,

A year many would care not - remember!

      We are slowly leaving behind

All manner of heart ache,

And we hope the end to the war

Becomes closer than tears,

Tears for the loss of our sons

And daughters, who lived day to day -

Within fears.


We are saying goodbye to

The problems we’ve had,

And hoping the wind

Carries away the troubles

For spring, and I’m

Wishing all that have shed

Nothing but tears,

Some joy for the Christmas -

Peace and nobility,

And a living of life

Celebrating all we are given,

For the year twenty-twelve -

Be already alive.


Michael J Waite



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Val Cook

Fri 9th Dec 2011 20:17

Thank you Mike. Seasonal greetings and all the best to you for 1012.

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Wed 7th Dec 2011 22:38

This is beautiful, Mike.
Thank you : )

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