Found By A Malevolent Wind


Found by a Malevolent Wind



They found me

Dangling from rope,

They found me sitting asleep

In baths of blood,

They found me a bitter and

Abrasive man, prickly

With contempt for all

They had done,

They found my words

Incredibly short from

Stunted years of growth,

They found me ill

And unavailable for comment.


They found that,

I was telling the truth all along

And they understood my bitterness

But still, some brayed my guts

A loathing, and wished a passing

Of this life,


They found,

They didn’t like my truth

And wished I would go away

Or shut up or take a holiday

To hell and never come back,

(they may just get their wish).


To be honest yet again

To be blunt,

Only those wishing to lose

What they have endured go lost,

And on being found;

A wishful thinking that the world

Will change and give each of us

A chance, but all is no avail.


They found what they were looking

For no less, no more

Than just a man who only craved


They found what they were looking

For, now they understand how

This being arrived at his destination,

Now there are no greetings for his failing

Mind, his failing life,

And not one, want to listen

To the torture anymore.


Michael J Waite 7th December 2011.

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