CRAZY WORLD - a song lyric

When livin's hard I'm on my guard

Against the hurt and pain

But with you near fears disappear

Your lovin' keep me sane.


Health and wealth can go their way

Like showers of summer rain

But I need you around each day

Your lovin' keeps me sane.


It's a crazy world we live in

We're all in need of more forgivin'

For things we say and do

Hoping that we'll find a like mind

A longed-for lover's lightning strike kind

Like the one I found in you.


Your sweet face in the morning

Sweet kisses in the night

Make every day more than OK

Make everything so right.


Health and wealth can go to ground

Like pools of summer rain

But I'm so glad that you're around

Your lovin' keeps me sane.


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Alana Spence

Fri 4th Nov 2011 21:57

Your Lovin keeps me sane! I like it xx

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