Pursue Transparency


In veils of secrecy the captured states

Obscure the havens of the ultra-rich,

Who claim to hover in their global cloud;

Untouched, untaxable and out of reach.


They slip through loopholes spun, in legal webs,

By spider lawyers, lobbyists, - with bribes.

They loot our assets; dodge, evade and hide;

And multiply their influence round the globe.


What chance our representatives can stand

Against the surge of this corrupting tide;

Pin down each corporate body to the land;

Blow veils aside; disperse the global cloud?


Manhattan and the City do not fall.

These are the murkiest havens of them all.


Freda Davis   Oct 2011


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Elaine Booth

Tue 1st Nov 2011 22:06

Well said, Freda. Great to see such a wonderful poetic form put to work to express modern content - although sadly not exclusively a modern ooncern.

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