Poetry Review's Fiona Sampson to judge women's contest

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Fiona Sampson, editor of the Poetry Society’s Poetry Review, will be judging the Second Light Network women’s competition for long and short poems, closing date 1 November. Second Light Network is a network of women poets, aged 40 and upwards – although there is no age limit for the competition -  who are published or beginning to get published and who are serious about developing their work. The first prize will be £250 in both categories. Entry fees are £6 per long poem (over 50 lines, and £4, £8 for three, or £12 for eight short poems. More details

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Thu 21st Jul 2011 07:34

For once I would have to agree with you Steve.

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Steve Regan

Thu 21st Jul 2011 01:47

As a true feminist and a Men's Liberation supporter (the two causes are, of course, mutually supportive - to GENUINE supporters of liberation, at least), I object most strongly to women-only poetry competitions.

Why? Well, who would be brave enough (in the current atmosphere of State and Establishment-supported and funded Liberal Fascism), to ask why there are no men-only poetry competitiions? Me, actually! Because I'm interested in justice, truth, art and beauty.

I do not, as a feminist, make these points lightly. I feel a huge, discriminatory injustice is being done - to men and to women.

And I also think that too many people in the arts and 'creative writing' industries are closing their eyes to this problem, which isn't just unjust, but actually damaging to artistic expression.

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