Many Penny Go, Go, Go Days

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Yikes. Life is busy and hectic and I am not complaining.

I've done loads, simply great expanding handbags of stuff since I was able to poke my head and fingers in here. Of course I've returned in part to show off. Oh be kind to me!

Tomorrow I am on Radio Four's 'Four Thought' at 8.45pm, and thence forever they tell me, on the iplayer. How scary. I get to ramble on about human identity for 15 minutes and they even let me say 'tits', and it is in context, truly.

Soon I am visiting New York and wish to lay some Pepper words on the locals. Any contacts, venues, tips? Yes, I do need wheelchair access, but I will worry about that. All info gratefully received. I'm booked to do a few things already, and maybe a burlesque.

I'm doing a spoken word one-woman show at the moment, showing all over, including a version in Edinburgh Fringe. Incidentally, I have room to let out if anyone is interested.

The show, a cabaret type affair, is called Adventures in the Dark and Light. All welcome.

Looking forward to reading some of the new pieces here. Watch out for my own...

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