The old mans fable

Do not consider me frail, do not consider me weak

Although I may walk at the speed of a snail and find the inclines rather steep

Do not consider me past it, do not consider me fractious

For I have lived for many a year but that does not make me not belong here

For my heart still beats and I can still move my feet, just not as fast as you

So think twice when you give me your disapproving glance

As I join you on your trek to France

Yes you will reach the finish line sooner than me

But my achievement will be equal to thee for we will both have travelled from A to B

Please have some insight  and see things as they are . . . for one day you too will be like me and over many years you will have travelled afar !!!

◄ Someday soon..who knows..maybe.


tony sheridan

Mon 12th Nov 2012 19:49

The Hare and the tortoise! Love this. Take care, Tony.

<Deleted User> (6895)

Sat 25th Jun 2011 13:46

Hi Berni-lovely read-keep writing! love-Stef.xx

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