Someday soon..who knows..maybe.

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What is this mental condition 'depression' that has befriended me so well ?

I feel part of the belonging yet I do'nt really belong here

Is this person really me ?

She seems so different, she seems lost in the confusion of this illness

I want to find my way out of here

I want to be away from this 'depression' and be myself again...


someday soon..

who knows..













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tony sheridan

Mon 12th Nov 2012 20:01

I think that depression can bring out good works of art. Painters, poets, musicians.... History shows this. I can relate to your poem. Take care, Tony.

<Deleted User> (6895)

Mon 6th Dec 2010 14:56

hi again Berny-not wanting to knock any help that the individual thinks can help from other sources-but whenever poss,the help you can apply to yourself in overcoming the prob is worth a million doctors and tablets etc-never had full blown dep-that I can only guess at being horrific-but I get bouts of of grumpiness-mostly after I,ve looked in the mirror! thank heaven you are like me in one way-we have the littles to keep us cheerful-and!-dutiful(was gonna say beautiful but the mirror would,nt agree-in my case)thinking of you-Stef-xx

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Steven Kenny

Mon 6th Dec 2010 13:00

Hi Bernadette,

Nice work on this one! It really resonated with me as I suffer from depression too and most of my poetry is tainted with the intensity of it.

It's always helpful to one's soul to see that someone else understands how it feels. Thank-you and well done!

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Dave Bradley

Mon 6th Dec 2010 10:24

Hi Bernadette.

Well done for having the courage to say all this and say it so well. Gemma Lees has written some good mental health poems

You might also like one of mine

Good luck! Hang in.

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