Prayer Text




U awake? We’ve had some

problems say prayers will u

with your account I feel


so bad can you make it

We’ve just added your Come

4 lunch See u I just don’t


kno how tonite I’m going to

say prayers will u running

ok to carry on Hang in there


I don’t even kno U awake?

how to pray Still don’t kno

can you find out Thinking


of you say prayers Just

tried ti fone U ok? Can

you make it just realised


were meeting Thanks! Just

wish I knew still feeling

lousy we’ve had some Ur


running a bit late Feeling

just v calm I need emergency

prayer Thinking of u Raise


a glass 2 brave mum Hope

you had a gd day like me

We’ve just added your Virgin


Mobile allowances (empty)

I can’t even talk neither

receive or make phone calls


need emergency prayer This

is due to ‘connection error’

can I help I hope yr well


Nothing inspirational No

Can u fone me when u get

this text? Xxx U awake?

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 7th Jun 2011 17:43

I find the urgency in this makes it very moving. I like it.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 6th Jun 2011 10:44

I'm glad you've posted this. I think it is excellent, very poignant in its theme and skillful in its modernity.

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