Trev's USA Tour 2011

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2 poems inspired during a walk by the Colorado River


11.04.11 - 31)

I missed you today wishing you were here

Standing silently or talking quietly

All I know is I missed you today


32) Notice says non native plant clearance

Remove with vehemence

None native plants spoil

Can cause erosion of the soil

Clog the river, thought makes me shiver

Down my spine, it’s not fine

Spreading, slowly creping

Unwanted like oil seeping

Plague, pestilence

Local plants no resilience

Keep them away you should know

Give your own a chance to grow

A chance to thrive, attract the bee from the hive

Butterfly, chrysalis, no more native plants in crisis

Unstable on shifting sands

The future is in your hands

Grasp it now; you don’t need to be clever

To know if you don’t you’ll lose it forever

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