Escape. Prize Competition

First blogged this 26th April, but it should probably sit in this month's blogs as well as a reminder.

  • Many of us enjoyed the competitions which ran for a few months towards the end of last year. There may be some interest in trying again, so here goes. 




    1. The theme is ESCAPE. The poem, or poems, have to have something, however tenuous, to do with this


    1. It should be blogged in May. It would help if it was tagged “Escape”


    1. I'll post a reminder near the end of the month. On June 1st I'll blog a list of all the poems written on the theme in the month and invite votes.


    1. Our very own Alternative Voting System. Two votes per WOL member numbered 1 and 2, for your first and second choice. Don't vote for yourself. Votes to be emailed by end of play June 5th to me at


    1. In case of a tie for first or second place on first choices, second choices wll be taken into account. I won't enter or vote but will use a casting vote if even AV delivers a tie. There will only be one winner and only one second placed poem. The winner can nominate a charity to receive a £10 donation. Second placed poet can nominate a charity to receive a £5 donation.






    If there is a good response the winner may like to suggest a theme for June, though should feel under no pressure to come up with another prize.


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    winston plowes

    Thu 5th May 2011 09:43

    Iso - There is nothing wrong with miserable! Win lol

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    Dave Bradley

    Tue 3rd May 2011 22:44

    There's no limit, Larisa, though whether people would vote for a poem which came as part of such a large batch is questionable. But WOL is pretty free and easy.

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    Larisa Rzhepishevska

    Tue 3rd May 2011 22:35

    Hi, Dave! Isobel is so right. You inspire me so much. Can I write 10 poems?

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    Mon 2nd May 2011 21:20

    Well done you for getting this going again. Have already started writing one but it's miserable as sin so I'll wait for something more miserable to be posted first so I can hide in its shadow.

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