Systemic Usury

Like the Romulain drill
used to create black
To suck all life
and create death
and destruction

So goes the
of world
And all
with them.
Like a giant
the banks feed
off of all humans
symptoms are
as follows


Abdominal pain Constipation Anemia Anorexia B-12 deficiency Rectal hemorrhage Blindness Homeostasis Dysuria Central nervous system impairment Chest pain Chills Chronic fatigue Colitis Coughing Diarrhea Digestive disturbance Dizziness Fever Enlargement of various organs Headaches Vaginitis Jaundice Joint Pain Weight loss due to malnutrition Weakness Immunodeficiency Nausea / Vomiting Swelling of facial features Sweating Insomnia Skin ulcers Rectal prolapse Mental problems Lung congestion Memory loss Night sweats Muscle spasms  Untimely death
due to forced war
with others, to gain control

of land and sovereign banks! 

All this can be yours
after they have taken
all that you ever
you owned
We are all slaves
until we are dead
Unless we band
and put a stop
to the few
at the top!

As the vultures swarm
over your half dead body's
over your children toddling
They create another catastrophe
An OMG moment
So that their financial terrorism
can continue.

Like an octopus
or a possible
over grown tick
reaching out
grabbing up
all growth
and development
going into
all facets of everyday
control of crops
you name it man
They own it!

Can you feel the
blood draining from you?
Do you have any of
the above symptoms?
Its time for those
blood sucking scum
to come on down
If one takes the time
to look into
who they are
you find a bunch
of inbred
behind all the
elected puppets
on golden strings
Killing us slowly
with controlled
poisoned foods
and water

They know us well
its been in the making
for hundreds of

Create chaos
cover up
the next take over
as slippery
as slime
they do it
time and time

How long will
you sit
After all
why should they stop?
If they can rob
one person
why not a nation?
If a nation
why not
rob the world?


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Tom Harding

Sun 30th Jan 2011 22:09

well said. i love how you move from the universal into the descriptions of human pain. great stuff.

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