The Scratchers and the Scrawlers


The Scratchers and the Scrawlers


We shall not forget

Signs scrawled by Neanderthals on almost every wall we walked past.

An N, in capital form with two lines added, which digressed to suggest a capital F.

It was scratched into a table

It was scratched into many a table

It was scratched into too many a table often by near illiterate authors who wanted to blame others for whatever ways they felt they had been unable to express their own oppression.

What better way man, than to oppress sisters and brothers with more than a sun tan, whose fathers, mothers or even more distant ancestors came from another land?

I can understand why those who know human history better than me might see these ‘brown beings’ as being from closer to, our only true, mother land!


So no, we shall not forget

And when the next generation of those scratchers and scrawlers stand before us

With new letters and labels on their lapels, we’ll know them well as

We have seen the proofs, so we know, despite the fake smiles and superficial dignity of a ‘Political Party’

Behind the edl or the bnp

Lies the same ignorance and ugly untruths, which were widely provided for us by the national front since before 1970.


They will remain;

Deliberately unedited,

While definitively discredited

And yet etched indelibly into our collective memory.


We shall not forget.



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