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The picture was really unique.

When I looked at it I felt sick.


A woman does it sitting,

A man does it standing,

A dog does it raising its paw.

That’s how they meet,

That’s how they greet,

That’s how they say “Hello!”

And what did you think?


-Wow! You have beautiful dimples!

-They are not dimples,

They are my nostrils.


Any tale can be true

If you know who is who.


If to be true

I wouldn’t like you telling me what to do.

Otherwise I will tell you where to go

And it could be an interesting show.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska

The 21st of January,2011




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Sun 23rd Jan 2011 14:10

Nice work Larisa. I love the first one in particular. Not always practical, of course!

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