I have a few questions?

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I have a few questions

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  I have a few questions?

Do vampires get tooth decay?
Do werewolves get fleas?
Do zombies have to use prosthetic knees?
Do fairy tale princesses always say please?
Can witches have white weddings?
What do mummies have for their bedding?
Do Orcs have to shave?
Do angels ever misbehave?
What is a goblin’s average height?
And do ever they get tall?
Do giants ever start off small?
I’d like to ask these questions
If you have some thoughts or suggestions
Please get in touch
My address is;
1 The Wizards tower
Over the rainbow close
Fairy land.
Ha 2yu

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Elaine Booth

Tue 18th Jan 2011 22:10

Really enjoyed this - such great fun.

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Daniel Hooks

Tue 18th Jan 2011 16:56

thanks peeps and a special thankyou to mr Burns

<Deleted User> (8753)

Mon 17th Jan 2011 16:55

enjoyed this

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Mon 17th Jan 2011 15:34

Vampires get tooth decay all threw the night and threw the day.Werewolves fleas, bring them misery. There claws too sharp to ich them free.However zombies don't use prosthetic knees just one dark nght to make them free.Fairy tale princesses hardly ever say please, behind the curtain there full of greed.Can witches have white weddings is a trick question. For a white which is really quite pleasent.Mummies have concreate for their bedding without a duvet or no linen.Do Orcs have to shave to ask this question is quite brave.Angels never misbehave there, there to watch us throughout are days.A goblin’s average height is 2ft tall to be a nuisance they can never get tall.Giants never start off small?Now here are your answers i've answerd them all, I had no money for a stamp. So i posted it on this wall.
thourght youll like this Dan Marcus Burns

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Dave Bradley

Mon 17th Jan 2011 13:49

Good fun. Don't know if you are a dad but if you are, or will be, your kids are going to have a wonderful time with bedtime stories.

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