When they came...

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When they came for students,

I stood up because I had received an education.

When they came for those with disabilities,

I stood up because I knew I could and should.

When they came for those on benefits,

I stood up because failing to protect those in greatest need would cost me my dignity.

When they came for the charities and the arts,

I stood up because I personally knew their worth.

When they came for those in public service,

I stood up because, since they had served me, how could I not stand up for them?

So will you stand up with them, with us, with me... before it is too late?

◄ New X (30 years after the tragic fire)

A couple of SA influenced pieces, first is a draft ►


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Mark Mr T Thompson

Sun 9th Jan 2011 17:48

Thanks Tommy, I have slightly reworked, hope you like!

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 9th Jan 2011 17:12

a new take Mark on the Pastor's. To answer your (rhetorical) question-I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you on these issues.

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