A why is...

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A why is


A why is more than lines that converge or divide,

Going from wide to narrow or from narrow to wide,

At an obtuse angle I have found to be,

More than a mitre’s mere 45 degrees.


A why is more than just A letter.

If U can’t C that you must B blind.

More than two letters blended like a V squashed on top of an l.

In fact, a why has to be more than just three letters.

Metaphor or grammatically were you

To see it, H and W reversed, but unaccompanied by its period and hook.

On a screen, page or book, you’d agree it’s not a good look.


A ‘why’ is more than a just question.

You see,

A when, can be significant, but only tells the time,

A which, is so selective, while a whose, only ownership defines.

A who, finds the group or individual that seems to be to blame,

A what, selects an object or its effect but often just in name.

A how, can teach the rudiment, find the sentiment, but never gets to its root.

A would, a should or a could show only what is, was, or may, be possible,

Options we may yet choose to forget, or in fact find, we can regret.

An if, well that is magical, but it offers more questions than it answers.

But a why?

A why, can give you reason, which goes so well with rhyme.

Explains the near inexplicable, without excusing the inexcusable crime.


A why is more than a letter,

A why is more than the word.

A why is... A why is... awa a wise man said...

A why is more than a question.

For a why...

A why is...

A why is the answer,

That demands to be heard.

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