eyes are following me everywhere i tread

eyes,eyes,eyes filling me with dread

they are chasing me to everywhere i go

following to places only i know

green mean eyes blue prying eyes

brown eyes of the darkest hue

they are hiding in the shaddows giving me no clue when they might appear

eyes,eyes,eyes how they sear into my soul

eyes behind cameras and cctv controls

and beind one way mirrors

eyes,eyes,eyes giving me the shivers

people staring at me everywhere

eyes,eyes,eyes, what must they be thinking?

when they are looking at me?

eyes ,eyes ,eyes i dont want to know or see

all those eyes looking at me!

◄ I feel the distance

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Rachael Dunn

Wed 29th Dec 2010 21:54

who are you looking at?

haha I enjoyed this very much, :)

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