We're All in this Together

My last poem I submitted about a minute ago was more lovey dovey.


This one is back to my usual opinionated anarchist self lol.


Enjoy peeps :)


We're all in this together,

Reclaim this Tory spin.

Rip the words from the campaign poster,

put the paper in the recycle bin.


Workers of the world UNITE!

Students of the world UNITE!

Academics of the world UNITE!

Artists of the world UNITE!


Paint the country red, white and blue.

Red as the rage we feel.

White as Nick Clegg's lies.

Blue as the language of all those who oppose ConDemNation.


We will march on,

This revolution WILL be televised!

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Nick and Dave ►


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Mon 20th Dec 2010 22:27

White collar or red collar?

They're all peddling blood money anyway.

War and capitalism are intertwined businesses, it's just one of them is privately endorsed by the military whilst the other and does so publicly with no shame.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 20th Dec 2010 22:21

count me in brother-especially after seeing tonights programme on bankers(white collar thieves)bonuses-!!!!!!

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