Biting the Bullet. Prize follow-up to Pandora




  • Many of us enjoyed the Pandora's Box competition that followed the demise of WOLOP which, again, was a source of fun and interest. A successor to Pandora's Box was mooted but nothing came of it. I think there may be some interest in trying again and to help things along am giving a modest prize for a new competition.




    1. The theme is BITING THE BULLET. The poem, or poems, have to have something, however tenuous, to do with this


    1. It should be blogged in September. It would help if it was tagged “Bullet”


    1. I'll post a reminder near the end of the month. On Oct 1st I'll blog a list of all the poems written on the theme in the month and invite votes.


    1. One vote per WOL member. Don't vote for yourself. Votes to be emailed by end of play October 5th to me at


    1. The winner receives a £20 Waterstones voucher. I won't enter or vote but will use a casting vote if there's a tie. There will only be one winner.


    If there is a good response the winner may like to suggest a theme for October, though should feel under no pressure to come up with another voucher.



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    winston plowes

    Tue 28th Sep 2010 22:23

    hi Dave. Sometimes in this sort of comp you can only win if you vote. (and obviously not for yourself)Controvertial perhaps but it does ensure participation. Could be in the rules of future comps but not here as it would need to be anounced at the start I think, Thanks for organising this it has added another dimension to the site Dave. Win x

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    Cynthia Buell Thomas

    Thu 9th Sep 2010 11:59

    Dave, perhaps you should remind people to TAG their Bite the Bullet poems as Bullet. There are only 4 showing, and it's inconvenient to search them out individually.

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    Wed 1st Sep 2010 17:05

    Great idea Dave and very generous of you to donote a prize - I shall have to sharpen my pencil and get writing! xx

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    Andy N

    Wed 1st Sep 2010 11:55

    good one, Dave.. Like the title - have a think!

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