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        Ambitious - Beauticious

        Confident - Divine

        Energetic - Friendly

        Giggly - Hot

         Illustrious - Joyous

         Kindly - Loyal

         Memorable - Naughty

         Obstinate - Playful

         Quizzical - Restful

         Serene - Tempting

         Understanding -  Vivacious

         Watchful - Xrated

         Yawning - Zzzz....


        I want to sleep now for tonight has been so tiring being all these things for you ...


                           Did you like..Ooh la la !

                           We can do this again tomorrow

                           And whoever said the alphabet was BORING ! ....





















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Steven Dark

Thu 19th Aug 2010 11:27

This put me in mind of my piece 'Typical Archetypal Archetypes'. Nice piece Bernadette. Love the profile pic :)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 19th Aug 2010 10:52

Fast and funny. I like the ambiguity of not quite knowing the significance of the photo used, whether you are 'ooh lala-ing' a child or an adult; or vice versa. It was the use of 'tonight'.

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Lynn Dye

Thu 19th Aug 2010 09:04

Hi Berni, yes, I do like the picture and it does compliment the poem - where do you find them? I could really do with adding some pics for my poems too! Have to agree with Stef about your new profile picture - what a lovely little boy! xxx

Stef - if I could scrub up that well I really would be laughing!!! xxx

<Deleted User> (6895)

Wed 18th Aug 2010 22:57

Good evening Bern'o'Herby!both poem and picture are beautiful(even if there is a hint know what!)may I be a lazy git,Berny and say thanks for-ALL-my poems(because I didnt want you to miss my replies on older poems etc) that you have commented on-it really is very kind of you-keep your poems coming now girly!! and love that handsome little chap that has taken over your picture-thank heaven for the kids eh-yes indeed the image alongside the poem is ......pwoah!!! its not Lynn when she,s scrubbed up is it?lol! goodnight lovely Lady-and!-hope to hear from you and vice-versa-lorra love chuck-Stef-xxxx

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Bernadette Herbertson

Wed 18th Aug 2010 22:17

Thank you so much Lynn for your positive comment . I did this one tonight and wasnt sure whether to put it on but thought it was worth a go..glad you like it .. xxx i love the picture and think it is so stunning and that it compliments the poem ..what do you think ?

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Lynn Dye

Wed 18th Aug 2010 21:58

Very much enjoyed this, Bernadette. It's clever and quirky, love it. xxx

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