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Nineteen Eighty-Four

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‘A truth denied is truth decried’,

I once heard some wise person say.

But what if truth is optional,

Or fuzzy-edged or ill-defined?

(The point seems rather underlined).

Then how differs fact from fiction

On this or any given day?


There is no future and no past;

It’s just a matter of control.

What has happened and will happen

Depend upon our latest whim

(The prospect may seem bleakly grim).

Each day the truth must be revised,

As must the values we extol.


They said that two plus two makes five;

But there’s one man who won’t agree.

And here's the catch: could he be sane?

If so, by default, we are mad

(So gullible and, also, sad).

No, that can never be the case;

We all know lying makes you free.



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Stephen Gospage

Mon 17th Jun 2024 06:56

Thank you for the comments, Graham, Martin and RA. I heard the novel read on Radio 4 recently and it seems more relevant than ever, particularly in the age of the likes of Donald Trump, where lies become the accepted narrative and truth has no meaning.

And thankyou for liking this poem Nigel, Aisha, Stephen, Jon, Larisa and Manish.

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R A Porter

Sat 15th Jun 2024 16:17

Orwell was a visionary wasn’t he? You’ve nailed it Stephen!

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Martin Peacock

Sat 15th Jun 2024 16:12

Language is a tricky, malleable, treacherous, uncertain, unfaithful weapon. It is also a hopeful, redemptive, complex, truthful, loving gift. I like your poem, Stephen: you've captured the spirit of the novel. Well done.

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Graham Sherwood

Sat 15th Jun 2024 11:40

Interesting and very thought provoking as usual Stephen,
It is getting increasingly harder to recognise what truth is and what is fake in this 200mph world!

It is often herd said that someone's perception is their reality!
an overall frightening thought in itself.

Good work as always


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