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My paradise, my room

In my room, my paradise resides
A sanctuary where peace abides
Through summer's heat and winter's cold
Its comforting embrace I firmly hold

Filtered air from heavens above
Fills my soul with tranquil love
Day and night, a perfect blend
Joy and happiness, it does send

Mornings gentle, evenings cool
Afternoons, a warm, cozy pool
Entertainment and rest, all in one
My safe haven under the sun

An aura of serenity it exudes
A touch of hill stations' moods
Quietness broken seldomly
A carefree life, so blissfully

All essentials within its walls
Study table, bed, computer calls
But the windows, a magical sight
Guiding dreams to take their flight

My room, a haven of pure delight
Where ambitions soar to new height
In its embrace, I find my way
To a brighter, hopeful day.

My room is a reflection of me
A place where I can be truly free
My gadgets, my books, my computer all around
A testament to who I am, where I've been, and where I'm bound

It may be small, but it's heaven to me
My personal paradise, my peace 
Where I can shut out the world and just be me
My sanctuary, my retreat, my nest heavenly.


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Nigel Astell

Wed 19th Jun 2024 14:16

Your very own space that is yours and yours alone.😎

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Cassandra Louise

Tue 18th Jun 2024 17:05

I love this piece! It also sounds like such a cozy place, my gosh 😌

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