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The cell wall didn't feel like her skin

the coming night held no mystery


Just the sound of clanking routines

to punctuate the misery of solitude


It was not like the battlefield

where he could satiate his emptiness


Long nights of nothing rescued by morning

when another kill would replenish his reason


Here the unwanted new day brought unlocking

forced association without a worthy enemy


Her touch replaced by seething hatred

the red brick rough and bloody against his fist


The desert was an open cage of confinement

in this new place rage seeped through solid walls


Some men could cry he could not

his old life had already forgotten him


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David RL Moore

Wed 29th May 2024 08:44

Thanks for updated likes.

I have had a few responses to this from former collegues and friends.

As it can be taken to refer to Incarceration, Warfare and Domestic Violence (not exclusively) the responses have been varied. Those three subjects are connected by a fine thread which in some cases connect seperate life events in individual lives . Sadly many lives are tarnished by all three of these objectionable states, each one somehow influencing the other.

A friend reminded me that 28-29 May is the anniversary of The Battle of Goose Green, a fact I had forgotten at the time of writing this although one that is pogniant in my recall now. I joined the army in 1983 and my early years brought me into contact with many who had fought at Goose Green.

I remember hearing horror stories of trench clearing and night fighting, many of the story-tellers fell into despair in the later years of their lives...marriages disintigrating into chaos and damage some of them finding themselves outcasts and inmates. Many also thrived and survived, the nature of survival seemingly random but surely not.

This poem was not specifically written with these circumstances in mind but some of the responses it has received have highlighted their sad reality.

Thank you if you have read.


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David RL Moore

Mon 27th May 2024 07:26

Thanks for the likes


Thanks for the overnight oats 27 May 24


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