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A Solitary Sandpiper's Sentimental Tweet

I smell its aroma

In the vicinity,

And though its

Syllabically new,

I’ve heard about

It’s trauma more

And less about it

Being true.


I’ve foraged for

Many things;

Necessary things,

Vital and odd things,

But never for love.


I remember

Opening my eyes

For the very first time,

Only to see my parents

Not feeling fine.


Sooner or later

I discovered that

I wasn’t their own,

A fact I only wished

That I’d never known.


Growing up

In a foster nest,

Affection or love

From an unknown

Identity, an outsider,

Or a look-alike

Always seemed

Like a harmful pest.


I’ve always been

On the solitary side;

Kindness in abundance,

And adoration to hide.


Having travelled a lot

In the past few days,

Every time something

Or someone offers

A place for me

In their heart,

I choose to leave

Rather than stay,

Because choosing

The latter would

Make me pay.


I see people,

And I instantly know

When I see one adjourn

To empty spaces

While someone promises

To provide warmth;

A feeling of hesitance  

To follow their traces.


My heartful tweet

Reaches out to them

As it does fall

Within my ken;


If you have a habit

Of walking away

From attachments,

I dearly feel you,

It is the only thing that

Isn’t syllabically new

For I have myself

Abandoned quite a few,

But unlike me,

I hope you don’t sabotage

What’s meant for you,

Who knows?

This one

Might be true.


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Manish Singh Rajput

Thu 16th May 2024 16:49

Thank you, Tom.😊

Profile image

Tom Doolan

Wed 15th May 2024 17:20

A very emotive piece Manish 👍

Profile image

Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 15th May 2024 13:32

Thanks a lot Graham, and to all who liked this. Means a lot to me!😊

Profile image

Graham Sherwood

Tue 14th May 2024 20:17

You'll know it when you know Manish! A very eloquent piece!

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