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Roll out the excuses

the old tropes and abuses

Roll out your skin

your tattooed regret

March to the drum

"lest we forget"


How many syllables

to make

the world rhyme

Save on your ammo

kill two at a


I've still got my luger

under the


we should have

gone easy on olde

Rudolf Hess

The blood of the crown

is not of


Are you following


substantial deaths

Or are you

drowning in all the

warm blood

Shed by mere mongrels

their Slavic


Your cul-de-sac'd

comfort gated for


you even have fragrance

pumped through

your trees


Roll out the excuses

the old tropes

and lies

a corpse has its uses

it's shit for

the flies...




◄ You can kill some of the people some of the time but you can't kill all of the people all of the time

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David RL Moore

Mon 22nd Apr 2024 07:05

Thanks for the overnight oats to those who sent them.

Just to expand a little on your comment Landi (or my response to it) carlin later distanced himself from his own offerings of solutions by saying in later life that he regarded himself as an observer and recorder of humanity, tbh I think this was a strategic (if honest) attempt on his part to maintain the validity his earlier work. I understand his action and he was a huge voice.

The truth is any artist who truly believes they can impact directly on atrocity might be a little off kilter. What is said may well influence people's positions and their thinking but it won't do much with immediate impact on those suffering violence or abuse or even damage to the planet. That said the slow shift is vital. I am a cynic but do acknowledge cynicism can be a very negative force which on occasion stifles action which could be beneficial to situations requiring more than a shrug of the shoulders.

Balance in everything I guess.


PS...Some comics deliver/delivered their comedy poetically, Lenny Bruce, Carlin (a student of Bruce) I would even venture to say Stewart Lee who is probably unknown in the US...and definitely Alexei Sayle.

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David RL Moore

Sun 21st Apr 2024 17:36

Lol landi,

I wouldn't argue with George Carlin, the man was a genius.

Thanks for popping by.


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Landi Cruz

Sun 21st Apr 2024 17:02

"..a lot of comedians I hear, when they complain about stuff they seem to imply that everything could be alright if we just do this or just do that. I don't care. It's never gonna work--if you think there's a solution, then you're part of the problem. That's what I believe..."

--George Carlin, Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Airdate March 20, 1996

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David RL Moore

Sun 21st Apr 2024 10:25

People could be forgiven for tiring of angry poetry, I believe they should be. I used to enjoy my angry writing, these days I do not harvest much enjoyment from it because it is as tiring to write as it possibly is to read.

Also angry poetry does not do much by way of bridge building, it serves to voice an opinion and probably reinforces division more than narrowing the gulf. That said it can consolidate solidarity among the like minded.

Bitterness is another perception that anger might portray, this is unfortunate because it is not always the case. I have repeated often John Lydon's chant "anger is an energy" of course it is true, and anger can be harvested for good if manipulated very carefully. Mostly anger is an individual vent utilised to disipate something often damaging to the person venting.

Anger in poetry is a little like using shock tactics for attention, both can become tedious and will turn some readers off...quite often it leaves the author preaching to the choir, what's the point of that?

The alternative to shock and anger can be honesty delivered in a calm mediating manner. The down side of honesty and calm reasoning is that it can lose peoples attention very quickly, it is also in most cases a more convoluted process which many people are unwilling to give their time to. It is not as comedically maliable as anger or shock as a delivery system. I often think the stand up comedian has the best of both worlds in this regard, in one moment he/she can shock and rant in the next he can explain his rationale...short poetic verse is a difficult process by which to convey those emotions simultaneously, leaving the author exposed to accusations of irrational/misplaced anger or purile shock tactics. Of course there are those accomplished writers who have achieved such heights in ability, very few though and certainly none who are new to the art form that I know of.

My apologies for this extended comment, I thought it might be useful to share my own awareness of the limitations (on occasion) of some of the forms/vehicles of expression I use. Also that it doesn't exclusively please me or fill me with feelings of satisfaction.


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