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Who knew you were a veteran

when I was still navigating in this labyrinth 

I was just a neophyte

who tried to ignore our every fight


We tried to piece the jigsaw of love together,

But I’m insecure and you’re immature


Should’ve put a full stop before things became egregious 

And now the route turns devious,

It leaves me so lugubrious.


It was so fatuous 

that I was so infatuated;

that I fell so deeply into it

it was all so innocent 

Dating boy with complicated exes 

How could I be so reckless?


You said you loved me with effulgent smiles

that made my heart run a thousand miles

You promised me the earth, the stars, the moon

And I trusted you because I was a lovesick loon 


Wearing your sweater all of a flutter 

Eavesdropping gossips all of a doodah 

How much I wished today was April Fool 

so that I could dispel this fatal wound 


I was a pawn in your bet

since the first day we met

I mean darling what the heck?


I know you play hockey 

But I never knew you were that cocky 

Guess I should’ve taken a hint in your name 

Hugo with a huge ego and no shame


Were you thinking about that brunette 

When you gave me that nonchalant peck?


What a bewitching fiend 

with looks shown in magazine 

with charm that made me drain this poisoned chalice

and stuck to this haunting palace.


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Wed 17th Apr 2024 09:20

I enjoyed the poem, though it seems to be trying too hard with a few of the rhymes. Can someone be a veteran and immature? I gave it a little thought and, yes, I think so.

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