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Stoned in the park

Stoned in the Park  


there’s nothing more to do 

than put sun 

on our face 

on this beautiful day 


as the world slowly turns 

I didn’t turn 

on the news 

or even get dressed


I call out sick from work 

close your computer

we meet at the park

saluting the commuters 


you brought something 

to cheer me up

and I’ve got 

something for you 


we then 

take a walk 

as if the world

was brand new 


stoned in the park with you

a child with a balloon

lovers neck and neck 

joggers chased by a squirrel 


stoned in the park

what we need to do

to feel something like love

in a form we forgot how to use


you’ve got wine 

I’ve brought cheese 

minds start to spin

as we look at the trees 


follow the clouds

’til it starts to rain

recording everything

to remember Monday 


stoned in the park

what an obvious thing to do

sun and breeze float anxieties 

around the world

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Robert C Gaulke

Sun 25th Feb 2024 15:54

Thank you for your kind responses.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 24th Feb 2024 17:46

In my younger days, I was partial to a few bevvies of best
bitter but timed them to coincide with evenng closing time when
bed and board beckoned. Even today, when so much electronic
wizardry attracts busy fingers and eager minds, I tend to think
just how much free treasure there is to enjoy out there.:
A walk; identifying trees and plants; bird-spotting (feathered
variety, in case you're cynica!) and just ordinary people-watching,
to mention just a few at random.

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leon stolgard

Sat 24th Feb 2024 08:48

a temporary state of heavenliness-shame it can't last forever as I used to say to myself when under the youthful influences

cool poem man-cool!

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