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He needs your heart

But not for love

That he gets from any woman

He just needs a healthy heart

For a patient in his family

And so also your liver and kidneys

You may just have fever

Once you are in the hospital

His work is done easily

He has recruited his agent doctors

Who will conduct surgery at a plea

Charging money for transplanting

Your healthy heart, liver and kidneys

And slow death approach you

He doesn't love you

It's a value of the internal healthy organs

That's what he actually wants

Love is a thing bought with money

But healthy organs comes free

If you are his friend or lover

Just be careful of his ruthless endeavour

It's your body he needs

Later you die or live 

He cares a damn

It's not revenge

It's business

It's care and concern for his family

Father suffering with damaged kidneys

He has damaged liver

And mother needs a heart transplant

All free of cost

At the expense of few bucks 

And a vow of a lover

Or just a fraudulent Freindship till you die

Be careful who you mingle with

People have ugly agendas to fulfill

◄ Silenced

Live guilt free ►


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Nigel Astell

Wed 29th Nov 2023 14:19

I feel so sorry for these people who are unaware of what they are getting themselves involved with Moonlight ❤

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Wed 29th Nov 2023 05:44

Human trafficking is being done on large scale for organ transplant.

Many poor parent sell their daughter or son for few bucks, unaware of the fact why they are being purchased.

Human trafficking for organ transplant is a criminal offence. Specifically when girls are being married to rich guys and later they use the wife's organs for organ transplant free of cost.

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Nigel Astell

Wed 29th Nov 2023 00:44

Human parts
Operations available
Brain intact
Spirit alive
Staying together.❤

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