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.......early onset

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The blue is missing from the sky today
the trees still have leaves
outside it is cold
the wind is cruel.

There is a person
in front of me
i don’t know who it is.

I remember playing out
with my sister 
on a skipping rop

It is cold inside,
that lady told me it is morning,
that is why I stretch and yawn.

The lady said I had a visitor
i was frightened to ask:
‘What is a visitor?

The world outside is very big
and it looks very unfriendly to me.
I remember when everything was nice
and we had tea together.

I wonder if i am asleep,
this is not my home,
why am I alone?



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Greg Freeman

Tue 3rd Oct 2023 21:25

I used to love the Be Good Tanyas, John. It occurred to me just the other day that we are possibly the first generation to be so aware of dementia, that we are constantly on our guard for it, both in ourselves and in our loved ones. There's a thought.

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 3rd Oct 2023 08:04

We are all touched by this insidious condition one way or another and are rightly fearful. As pared back as possible. Stark, a dreadful fear of becoming lost.
Well done!

* Saw the BGT’s three times, shame they became lost too!

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 3rd Oct 2023 07:39

I can only echo Holden's words, John. This is true poetry.

Holden Moncrieff

Mon 2nd Oct 2023 21:34

Powerfully evocative and painfully accurate, John; masterfully composed! 🌷

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