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The Globaticus


The ferociously frenzied yellow-eyed Globaticus

chews for an eternity every morsel of road kill

licking her lips after each glorious chomp

swallowing hard whilst enjoying the thrill

Flavouring the prey with a pinch of black pepper

rubbing salt into the drying skin of the trunk

flickering her tongue around bloodied nooks and crannies

A meaty lump hits her stomach, kerplunk. 

Blood trickles down from the side of her mouth

dribbling off as she lifts her chinup

She sucks the marrow out of each bone with relish

adding garlic gravy and some tomato ketchup 

Finally, her meal ended without any scraps

what died was fried and swallowed inside

So to bed for some Z's and a whole lot of ease

Snuggles up with Teddy, leaving desert on one side





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