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Re. Exploring the joy and delights of why hire musicians for a wedding ceremony

In the hush of vows, where love takes its stand, Musicians appear, with instruments in hand. A violin's whisper, a piano's embrace, They weave melodies, filling time and space.

Gentle chords echo the promises made, As a guitarist strums, emotions cascade. Their harmonies blend with each heartbeat's rhyme, Adding depth to the moment, frozen in time.

Trumpets may soar, announcing pure delight, A symphony of emotions, taking flight. Drums beat like hearts, rhythmic and true, A reminder that love's journey is not one, but two.

A voice, like a poem, speaks verses anew, Lyrics of devotion, both old and true. As the sun dips below and stars start to gleam, Musicians create magic, turning dream into theme.

With each tender note, memories entwine, Elevating the union, like aged, fine wine. They gift to the couple a melodic bouquet, A treasure to cherish, beyond the day.

So, in this celebration of love's grand art, Musicians are alchemists, weaving a part. They add to the tapestry, colors that sing, In the symphony of weddings, a harmonious ring.


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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 10th Aug 2023 07:43

Music...poetry? same difference.

I find them in the dawn chorus, in the human a woman's Scowse or Geordie accent, or in the tones of someone speaking the sound of the immigrant mother and daughter on the number nine bus speaking Italian....
I refuse the enslavement of "mobile" contraptions and "earbuds", music's all around me.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 9th Aug 2023 18:10

It seems that music has been a feature of human celebration in
civilised lands for millennia. Weddings have even attracted the
attention of classical composers like Grieg and Mendelsohhn. Music is a primary companion to the expression of emotion...and
we are all richer for it.

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