The Tortured Poet.

The tortured poet cries raindrops sweetened with hope

Waterfalls course through his veins

Eyes are blinded by beauty, and still lifes of death


Show him a bramble, he’ll return with a rose 

Play him a tune, he’ll give you a symphony

Tell him you love him, he will transform

Into a firefly or maybe an eagle


He will show you worlds

Beyond fantasy 

iridescence will startle your pools of emerald green

Colours will multiple a thousandfold

And there will conversations with the trees


The union sanctified under angels of light

Baby cherubs to keep you warm at night

Phosphorescence in your bubble bath

Lazy walks down country paths

Grocery lists become love notes

And shooting stars fall just for you


The tortured poet will feel your pain

His heart will ache for you

He will play his own bones

To keep you from hurting


You will be Queen

He’ll be your king

He will call you

The end of his rainbow


He will tell you

You are the gold that glitters




There will be times when he retreats

You will find him in shadows

Or sitting under the elm tree


You may wonder

If he still loves you …

He is just resting

Re-building himself

Because the tortured poet

Gives you his all


So give him his time 

With the birds and the bees

And he will come back

To love you with ease. 


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Kevin Tan

Sat 10th Jun 2023 23:22

Well let's turn tortured into tortoise then 💖💗💘

You are amazing!

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 10th Jun 2023 14:32

I love the images of excess and, Clare.

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John Botterill

Fri 9th Jun 2023 22:53


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