Don’t Cry for Me.

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I wrote this after leaving hospital earlier this year.  If it wasn’t for the amazing medical team that saved my life I wouldn’t be here to share my words with you. - I am so grateful. 
This is me thinking about what I wanted to say to loved ones if things had gone the other way. 

Don’t cry for me.  

Don’t cry for me when I am gone
Try to smile when they play our song
Walk through the meadows
And the sun dried fields

Glance up to the sky
Night or day
Be it stars or sunshine
You’ll see me there

I will caress your face
With the summer breeze
Cool your skin
In the undulating waters
Of the kindest seas

I will warm your bones
On a winter day
You will feel me there
In the watery sun 

As you roam
Stop to inhale the scent
Of wild hedgerows
Listen for the birds
And marvel at how the flowers grow

Hear the silence
In the stillness of the air
Feel the beat of your heart
Revisit our lives in your mind
Remember how we once said
That we would never part

It was true
I meant every word
I have not left you
I am atoms in the air

Love now scattered through
Space and time
Invisible but always there
So please don’t cry for me
When I am gone

I am here
In the air you breath
In the soil that you turn
Every seed that you plant 

I am the butterfly
Who lands on your cup
I am the robin
In your beautiful garden

I am the waves that wash over your feet
I am the clouds
That insist you look up
I am free!

My body no longer
Shrouds me in doubt
My spirit flies
It’s a wonderful thing!

But when you are lonely
And thinking of me
Play our favourite song
And I will be there
You will hear me sing

So please don’t cry for me
When I’m gone
I am still here
Amongst the throng

I’m not just the shadow
Haunting your mind 
I am the joy and the love
In your heart
I am the melody
In our song
I am not gone. 

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John Botterill

Sun 4th Jun 2023 09:17

Absolutely beautiful, Clare full of dignity, power and hope. Typical of you! 🌷

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 3rd Jun 2023 12:14

I would offer an alternative title to this touching poem.
"Missing you, missing me".

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Manish Singh Rajput

Sat 3rd Jun 2023 08:23

This is one of the purest, feel-good poem that I've come across. So beautifully written that it welled up my eyes.
Thank you, Clare. So glad that you're here sharing and I'm getting to read it.🌻

Holden Moncrieff

Sat 3rd Jun 2023 05:00

A wonderful poem, full of grace, Clare! I'm very glad everything went well and you're here sharing such powerful words! 🌷

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