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2023: Trev returns to Texas for National Poetry Month incorporating NaPoWriMo: Part 9 Edinburg and the RGVIPF

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Image: Contestants at the annual Slam Competition, I didn't win but got some good comennts for my impromptu style 





18.04.23 – 134:86) Last night Nianna came home from her meeting

How wonderful her hugs and greeting

Hugged with a smile chatted a while before the day ends

Cuddlin’ her cats an’ hopin’ we’ll be friends

She shows me round an’ where things can be found

Sadly I couldn’t stay awake much longer

It had been a long day an’ I had to say the call of the bed was the stronger


135:87) I hear Nianna an’ decide it’s time to face the day

We say “Hi” but she has to be away

She lets me use her computer but I must have still been in slumber

Cos’ I typed in the wrong pin number

Now it’s stuck an’ I’m out of luck

Hopefully it’ll be right when she gets home tonight


136:88) To the library I’m bound, son it’s found

More pics to Facebook so once again it can be seen

What I’ve done an’ where I’ve been

Use the time to update my rhyme

It’s done, to Clark’s I run, we’ll spend the time

Catching up on how things are we talk, then I take Ivy for a walk

Coming back she’s limping and in pain

Clark looks for the cause but in vain

Thinks it’s best to let her rest

We do errands an’ take a break, call for coffee an’ cake

The Clark gets a call, he’s on the ball

His new sofa’s on the way, it’s delivery day

We’re back an’ I’m moved by how much Ivy’s improved

Not a moment too soon, then I’m away but will be back in the afternoon


137:89) This years tour blog almost up to date

When I’ve done Midland to Edinburgh it’ll be part 8

Today’s been swell Ivy now well had a walk this afternoon,

Then shopping to get a cake for tonight

For my welcome back dinner, things have to be right

Denny’s the place it was decide to be

Good food, good friends an’ even some of my poetry

Yup, day really went well an’ we got Nianna’s computer sorted aswell


19.04.23 – 138:90) Last night I looked for my phone charging cable

Not on the bedside table. Thinkin’ “dear me where can it be”

Searching high an’ low, near an’ far, even scouring my car

Looking where I’d been but it wasn’t seen not a clue, wonderin’ what I’d do

This mornin’ once again I sit an; think

Where it could be, I tell Nianna an’ she says

“You left it by the kitchen sink”


139:91) Cable found to my delight, breakfast went alright

On our way, to Valley View High for thr day

Hopefully a great time to be had

Interaction between the students an’ t’ Yorkshire Lad

Accent usually a hit as is my wit

An’ one day they may come over an’ we’ll see how they feel

Experiencin’ it for real


140:92) Time to do what I always look forward to

Taken my poetry to school an’ who knows I might

Encourage some of the students to write

An’ each class will get to know more about Yorkshire an’ Cas’

Good practice for Friday in the main

Cos’ the RGVIPF Poets are in the schools again


141:93)  Classes over for the day, Nianna has a meeting then we’re away

An’ I’m thinkin’ how each class, got to know more anbout Cas

It’s coal, pottery an’ glass

Time spent telling them what the words on my tee shirt meant

From Mardy to Dollop, Oh Aye to Push Iron

An’ how one class laughed an’ sniggered

When I mentioned the word jiggered

Back at the house a meal out muted, can’t be refuted

Amy picks chopsticks

An’ were away thinkin’ “good way to end the day”.


20.04.23 – 142:94) Good meal last night, everything went alright

An’ I slept better than the night before

Knowing without doubt, I’d no lost cable to worry about

So it could be said, I slept the sleep of the dead

I rise, no sign of Nianna she can’t lurk she has to be at work

While I can stay a while an’ plan my day after breakfast I’m on my way

First call Clarks he’s not there he’s elsewhere

So, I decide to be where I need to be

My intent to find the venue for the opening event

It’s found easily to my delight

Soon I’m drivin’ away lookin’ forward to tonight

An anthology launch but in the main

Once more how great it’ll feel to be back again


143:95) There’s somewhere else I need to be other things I need to see

What I missed last year, now I’m here

The Basilica of Mary our Holy Mother where

For AIDS and the cost of loved ones lost

To make people more aware and instil in them the need to care

Care from inside not passing by on the other side

Now I’m back because I want to walk the way of the cross


144:96) Stations found, I began my walk round

Camera at the ready, once more to tell the story

Of Christ’s walk to his death and his rise in glory

Each station a break, for reflection and photos to take

I think I’m done but there’s a surprise in store, one exhibit more

A stone in a rose garden on which it said

RESUCITO Jesus has risen from the dead


145) Back to Clark’s I’ve to run, a message said “In after one”

But I’m gonna stay here a while and think with delight

I’ve been able to write

Capture a moment in time, on my tour in rhyme

Feelin’ the wind blowin’ an’ I’m knowin

There’s no need to rush, again enjoy the hush

Take my eased, listen to the birds in the trees

A moment in time I take wherever I be a moment in time I take for me


146:98) Always a delight to sit an’ write

Capturing the time in my own unique rhyme

Outside the Basilica, morning service done

Worshippers away to carry on their day

But I’m stayin’ relaxin’ a while longer

Before the call of the road is stronger

And I must be away to carry on my day


147:99) Time spent with Clark, take Ivy for  walk

Then away call for coffee an’ a talk

Frank joins us for a while we sit chat an’ smile

Then we have to be away Clark has errands to run

Me to get ready for tonight’s fun

I’m sure it’ll be a delight in the RGVIPF’s opening night


148:100) Took me an’ Nianna a while to get there

Had to drive with care to get to where

The anthology launch is being held

But it’s rush hour, road works in place, we have to drive at a slower pace

But we get there I see a familiar face , then more an’ there’s hugs galore

An’ one thing’s plain, it’s great to be back at RGVIPF again


21.04.23 – 149:101) Enrique was looking for somewhere to stay

At the end of the day Nianna said a bed could be found

So too her house we were bound

A bed made just right so we said “Goodnight”.

We woke to face the day ahead,

Nianna at work we breakfasted on coffee and banana bread

Then away to IDEA COLLEGE PREP for the day

Google and GPS sending each of us a different way

No worries cos’ when I got there I could see his car a couple in front of me

Found reception went in an’ thought “let’s go”

“Let’s go an’ make the poetry flow”


150:102) We regaled the students with verse and rhyme

Each in our own unique style they listened a while

Half an hour at a time when that abated the class was rotated

Exceeded expectation, good attention and participation

Four classes then away, the mornin’s gone ok

An’ to our delight, there’s still the Slam Contest tonight


151:103) I’d read with care, I’d read with flair

A poem about when I was first there

A rhyme about my first time, where I’d been and what I’d seen

Another about how we should see everyone, how it can be a sin

Not looking at the person within, sayin’ it’s easy to do

Just treat them as you would have them treat you


152:104) The Principal said our poetry and verse, was good an’ diverse

An’ it was a delight, when the students asked “what makes us write?”

One by one we all got o say how inspiration came our way

Tellin’ them so, an’ if they want to write just go and go with the flow


153:195) Clark’s for lunch, Ivy’s laid whinin’ seems like she’s pinin’

An idea takes seed, I shake her lead

She does a little dance an’ Clark says that’s why

She’s pining for a walk with her fave Limey Guy

So we go and out and it’s a pleasure each walk one to treasure

In the afternoon sun, the two of us walking as one

Something I look forward to all year

It keeps me going when life seems so drear

Thinkin’ how I’ll be delighted when me an’ her are again united


154:106) Then the library I gotta be, once more to upload to my usb

When I’m done out I’m strolling to the sound of thunder rolling

Lightnin’ flashin but I’m not dashin’

Car not far away even though rains on the way

It starts comin’ down as I’m drivin through town

There’s no stoppin’ soon hailstones are droppin’

More an’ more it’s a right downpour

It starts really hailing, water on the road like I’m sailing

Get to Nianna’s an’ decide to sit tight

Cos’ I’ve got the slam contest tonight


22.04.23 – 155:107) Slam contest last night, went alright

Didn’t win but had a great time, audience liked my impromptu rhyme

Later Me, Nianna an' Enrique sat with a smile

Listenin’ to live music country style

Good duo the air ringin’ to their music an’ singin’

Enrique wonders if they’ll let him play

Let him borrow a guitar an’ have a go

We say “ask” he does, soon he’s playin’ an’ singin’

He’s got the air ringin'

The crowds enraptured, their imagination captured

He ends and without a pause takes well deserved applause


156:108) Nianna an' Enrique have to be away

I’m not feelin’ to good today

Somethin’ wasn’t right, usin’ the bathroom most of the night

Tablets taken, stay a while let things settle soon I’m back in decent fettle

So I’m away , San Benito I need to be on the Festivals day three


157:109) Headin’ out of town, traffic slowin’ down

Pick up on it’s side, hope no one’s inside

Road clear, kick down go up a gear

Still takin’ care San Benito Cultural Heritage Center where

Daniel’s there we meet, we greet, we go to eat, he say’s “my treat”

It’s  Mexican an’ when we’ve been fed,

We’re ready to face the afternoon ahead


158:110) We learn about San Benoto’s Founder, Sam Robertson an’ more

To learn about Freddy Fender, Mexico’s King of Rock an’ Roll

Said to be one of the best, his historical marked an’ where he’s laid to rest

Then it’s back to the museum for more

Idea’s an inspiration when we start again at four


Haiku’s written at the 4 pm workshop

159:111) Met Satan in hell

He asks “How is it” I say

“it’s too bloody hot”


160:112) Mad Professor dies

Arrives at The Pearly Gates

Is told “go to hell”.


161:113) Workshops over always amusing, we're emthusing

All the while, how to make people smile

On the stage Enrique is singin an’ playin’

His guitar he asked if he could we said yes cos’ he’s good

An’ it’s a delight, the perfect prelude for tonight


162:114) Folks have come back for tonight, an’ we’ve been fed

Now we’re waitin’ for the Pachanga to go ahead

It’s like sayin’ we’re all in. let the show begin

Seems like an age, let’s get the speeches over an get on the stage

Let things go let our talent flow

Newcomer or sage let’s get on that stage


163:115) Opening speeches s done, introduce Poet 1

Then 2, 3 an’ 4 an’ many more

No time to lurk, get ‘em up to share their work

Let’s hear what they got to say

Let ‘em say it out loud, let ‘em say it proud.

Yes let’s hear what they, got to say


23.04.23 – 164:16) Pachanga last night now a memory but one to treasure

Being there a real pleasure

Memories of sharing verse an’ rhyme with us for all time

Time moves on, soon we will be gone

Our happy bunch, from Nianna’s to Edwards for post festival lunch

Wwe arrive an’ make a start on a gastronomic work of art

The conversations flowing and Daniel says so we’re knowin’

There’s gonna be a storm blowin’

We finish lunch first then let nature do its work

An’ when it comes it ain’t playin’ the trees start swayin

We’re inside listenin’ to the wind chime ringin’

The sound of the wind an’ rain singin’

Thunder rolls like timpani, natures own symphony


165:117) We thought the storm was over but in vain,

Like a dragons tail it flipped and came again

Thunder an’ lightnin’ rain comin down faster

For now it’s the master

For me it’s part of my roam, another memory to take home


24.04,23 – 166:118) Enrique away before break of day to South Padre

No surprise he wants to be there before sunrise

To enjoy the tranquility an’ more

The sound of the gulls, the waves crashin’ on the seashore

The he’s to Corpus Christie to look in on a friend

An’ I wish him safe travels to journeys end


167:119) Enrique on the road. Nianna workin’

I’m currently writin’ cos’ I’m lurkin’

Cos’ I can’t be, anywhere till I’ve done my laundry

It’s washed sorted, in a way it’s bliss,

Not one sock appears to have  gone amiss

Now it’s in the dryer it’s switched on

While it’s doin’ to the library I’m gone


168:120) Enrique sent a picture of a deserted beach

San Padre he’s made it there and decided to share

A photo which brought back memories of when I was first there

The beauty of finding a place for solitude and space

Where so often person and nature can be as one


169:121) Today seems to be away to a flyer

All my socks went in and came out of the dryer

So laundry out of the way, I’d enough for departure day

Now relax some more an’ enjoy what’s left of my tour

At Clarks, he shows me an injured dove Mario found

They’re keeping it safe an’ sound

So to continue with the good deed, we nip out an’ get it some feed

Hopefully it’ll soon recover an’ be back on the wing

Meanwhile it’s to make do with being called Charles after our new King


170:122) Radio station plays a favourite country song

An’ I’m singin’ it as I’m drivin’ along my emotions are comin’ alive

An’ I’m that enthralled I pull into the wrong damn drive


25.04.23 – 171:123) Last night, again Daniels says “let’s eat my treat”

I agree sayin’ “sounds good to me’

He asks “do you want crabs legs, steak or Vietnamese?”

I say “Vietnamese please”

So it’s Pho Houston on Nolana, number 139 I arrive we chat things go fine

I let Daniel suggest, what to have he knows best

Beef tenderloin in noodle soup one taste an’ I’m cock-a-hoop

Really fillin’ taste’s swell really goes down well

We chat about how it’s been on the Valley poetry scene

An’ plan how we can do more in 2024

No problem that can’t be solved an’ have younger people involved

Then some fun, he shows me his sports car an’ says give her a run

Top down, a brief run round the town, then into a car park for a lark

He thinks it’s fine, videoin’ me drivin’ it like it’s mine 

All too soon things come to an end

Once more it’s goodbye till next year to a really great friend


172:124) Breakfast over, cats fed, so what to do for the mornin’ ahead

I’m thinkin’ I may pay a surprise visit to the Fireguys

Always nice to meet an’ chat about this an’ that

Learn their way an’ tell ‘em how we did it in the UK

I tell ‘em about the festival just done

An’ invite them to come to next year’s one

Because, it could be a good way of getting a safety message across

An also some humour about someone’s bloomer

We chat, laugh an’; joke then it’s time to come away

Farewell with a sincere handshake an’ so carries on the day


173:125) Back started achin’ yesterday, anti inflamatories keep it at bay

Time for coffee an’ a rest, an’ makin’ savin’ the pennies count

Coffee at Barnes an’ Noble usin’ Clark’s discount

As you’re supposing, I’m doin’ some composin’

An’ when my coffee’s drunk there I’m gonna find me a comfy chair


174:126) Ain’t no comfy seats to be had there but I know where

There’ll be some free at the local library

So once more I alight to the library bound go in an’ a comfy seat found

Relax an’ compose another score

Maybe lunch cos’ soon I’ll be at Clark’s this afternoon

But for now, rest a while longer, the call of the comfy seat the stronger


175:127)  An’ so to Clark’s again no sign of the forecast rain

We talk, I take Ivy for one last walk

We go for a drive Clark hums a tune

It’s bothered him for a while he asks if I know it

I say “it’s Bach’s Sleepers Wake” with a smile

To his delight Alexa proves me right  

He’s over the moon, I ‘m pleased, sadly, I have to go soon

Even sadder when Clark has to say Charlie the dove has passed away

During the night he took a heavenly flight

So I give Ivy one last hug then I must alight

To get ready for my Bon Voyage Supper tonight


176:128) Chili’s, Amy’s the first to arrive, then me, Clark, Mario an’ Barbie

Then lastly, Her Most Gracious Majesty

Food ordered, we eat talk an’ enjoy

The final night in The Valley of the Poetry Boy

An’ I think it’s great that Barbies here, ain’t seen her since last year

An’ it wouldn’t have been right to say “goodbye” without even saying “Hi”

A great time had, we say “bye, safe travels” then depart

Back at Nianna’s it packing an’ bed cos’ in the morning I got an early start

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